• You will have a domain name of username.timeets.com.
  • There is no disk or traffic limit in the hosting account.
  • Advanced WordPress installation is performed.
  • You can use our LiteSpeed ​​Cache plug-in for free.
  • After installation, your information will be sent via e-mail, discord.
  • All customization operations (add-on, theme, integration) are provided by us.
  • Your search engine optimizations are performed.
  • Establish an SSL certificate for an indefinite period of time, your site will be logged in as https://.
  • You can optionally have an email address like username@timeets.com.
  • High-level security configurations are being implemented.
  • Custom counters are added to control your website hit.
  • You can get upvote from up to 100 different users.
  • You can request help with our ticket system for any technical problems or personal requests. For your private inquiries, you can provide one-on-one meetings by sending messages through admin’s Discord

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