Advantages of the patience factor for earning on Steemit

Since I started writing this article, I am talking about a lot of different sources that you can make a profit on Steemit, and I share with you the little details you need to win. There is something that I have said from the beginning and what I want to repeat here, if you want to win over Steemit, you must be patient. So far, many of my friends have registered with the system, but only a few have been able to maintain continuity on the system. This is pure impatience. For some, earnings are inadequate. They do not believe that they can sustain the continuity and raise their profits. Some people give up directly and leave the system if they can not get upvote from the system. But this is so wrong. In this article I will describe this subject with examples.

This is my first attempt at Steemit. I started with a blog that I introduced myself 8 months ago, followed by a few photos and a few blogs. You can see the profit. None.

Then gradually began to be included in the systems. Starting with utopian-io and continuing with dmania, the chain was again frustrated. I tried the DTube system as an extra with all these examples and I could not get any profit.

As a result of the 1-month experiments, it eventually started to make some income through utopian-io. When I look back I notice the following;

  • Mistake 1: I have been involved in many different systems and have done many experiments, but have gone to different things without much care. Continuity is very important!
  • Mistake 2: The content I produce was not in a good quality. Many are even things that start with anxiety about making money and are hastily prepared and not watched carefully. Content quality is the most important thing!

When I examined it, I noticed that. I was working on a sustained utopian-io and sustained it. So it was no surprise to me that these votes came. Right here I realized the importance of continuity and content quality. Because utopian-io is a moderated system. In other words, each of your content is being reviewed by moderators and you can get votes if they approve. So it means you are producing quality content. Here, too, I realized the importance of quality.

… and that’s the current situation.

My SteemPress income is almost regular. I still can not get upvote in higher order but I’m sure it will grow with time. At the moment I upload my own videos to DTube and I also have regular sharing through SteepShot. At the moment I have not been able to upvote both of them, but I believe that if I continue sharing on a regular basis.

Before that I worked on DLive publications for a long time. The first few posts I made did not come upvoted but afterwards I got almost upvoted twice a day. That’s why I feel so comfortable about Steepshot and DTube.

I know that many people just want to spend their entire lives on Steemit, producing all the revenue for Steemit, without having to deal with anything else. I am one of them. This is what I’m trying to say in this article. You can wake up in the morning and write a blog after breakfast and share via SteemPress, record a video while you are in daylight at noon, upload it to DTube, share your photos with SteepShot afterwards, and broadcast your leisure time on DLive while you are playing games. If we think of all the ups, we get upvote from 4 different sources a day. I think this is a great figure. Note that you can also publish your time-consuming jobs from time to time through other applications.

Be patient, be unique, be qualified.

…this article created by @nerueger for Timeets.

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