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People are getting used to the idea that they can make money online. It is very normal that fraud cases made over the internet that we have heard over the years are very clear. This situation began to change slowly as people started to see other people who were able to get rid of this bad perception and really make money on the internet. Of course, the two most important factors that led to this were Youtube and Twitch.

We need to thank Twitch and Youtube for doing the greatest job at this point. Although Twitch is still a riddle for many people, Youtube has shown that these kinds of things are not just city legends. Many Youtube and Twitch broadcasters have earned a lot of money, so the reality dimension of some things is “omg is this real?!” as they  would react. How can we be involved in this?

I would like to say, i wont give you any tips about your “I’m testing Lamborgini with the money I earned from Youtube” video. Or I will not tell you how you will get more followers without get ban on Twitch (you understand it ^^). There is a lot of information and tricks available for these platforms. I’m going to talk about a system that will allow you to get a yield of $ 10-20 per hour by simply publishing under certain circumstances without having too many followers and audience.

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DLive is a system that we can simply define as a Twitch clone. It allows you to broadcast live, and you can collect donations during your broadcast. Logically the same as Twitch. However, the earnings system may be slightly different.

As I said above, It is really hard to get serious money from Twtich and Youtube right now. It seems very easy for many people, but it is certainly a very long and painful process. While you are trying to have a bone followers, you have to get new followers on the one hand, and you have to  be producing new things with your publications. DLive is not like that.

Of course, you are obliged to do everything here that I said you should do above. However, DLive is also supporting you.

This is a visual from my personal Steemit profile. Here you can see the progress of DLive publications I made 5 months ago.

As you can see, there is a sweet $12 I got from a single broadcast. Of course this money is not delivered to you completely like the others. According to Steemit’s rules, a part is divided, distributed to other parts, some of it is up to you. But here is the situation,

Use the channel you want, scramble the system you want. Go even and make yourself a Twitch profile and make a sweet broadcast for 3-5 hours. But do not forget that no organization supports you with grants. Except DLive. DLive supports your broadcasts as long as you are on a certain level and are constantly broadcasting. If you want just open your camera, sit down and chat with the audience for a few hours. If you want to put yourself in a small square in the corner and play games for hours, get your instrument handy and make music as you want. They’re all going to waste a lot of time. DLive is fully sponsoring you. I mean, your publications are backing up until you build your own bone followers and get and income.

Now you can start broadcasting without thinking “I do not have this much free time”. All you have to do is go to DLive’s site and contact your Steemit account. I will talk about the tricks that you might find working in the coming days, or the settings you need to make to improve your view.

this article created by @nerueger for Timeets


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