[Notice]: What’s going on with Timeets? (EN)

Hi Dear Timeets Users,

We would like to inform you a few weeks about our new infrastructure that we have been working on and make announcements about the work to be done.
About 2 weeks ago, as we announced to you from our Discord server, we started to carry all of your sites onto a new virtualization technology and to move them to the Windows infrastructure for stabilization. We have moved your blog sites one by one for you not to experience interruptions, and we have moved a little slowly because there are too many websites. We were able to complete the operations as soon as possible by passively transmitting broadcasts from our old servers and continued to carry them periodically, and all transactions were completed as of yesterday.

So what are the features of our new infrastructure?
If you remember, we have published information about our infrastructure shortly after the opening of Timeets, we have 8 different physical servers in our infrastructure at that time, 7/24 access to the cloud structure, an external dns server to shorten the response time on your site to the end user, ie faster access to your visitors we aimed to provide. Of course, we also had a secure platform by offering security and mallware solutions.
In addition to all of these, we also offer hardware protection in our new infrastructure. With our new router device, we started to offer ddos ​​and botnet attack protection up to 2gbit in the local network. However, an additional layer of protection at Layer3 and Layer7 levels and a Voxility firewall of up to 450mbps have been activated. So, in summary, we can say that there is no power to overthrow Timeets.

What to do next?
In order to be able to activate some of the new features mentioned above, we have to place all servers of Timeets in our new 12U cabinet. Timeets team will be in the center for a few days in order to carry out the servers, to make cabling, to pull the new Ethernet, to connect the routers and switches and finally to perform all tests. The average duration of the study is 30 hours. In this process, unfortunately you will not be able to enter your sites and post. After the completion of the process, a brand new Timeets will be waiting for you and we will continue to serve you with a perfect infrastructure.
You don’t have to worry, we don’t have any work planned in this year and next year in this new infrastructure.
We are planning to put the study into effect in 1-2 days, just before we start, we will inform you again about our Discord server announcements area, please remember to follow our channel and also inform your friends to avoid confusion.

What You Need to Know;
Timeets, SteemPress users wordpress hosting was established to provide. Before timeets, we were offering free wordpress hosting services with the domain name steempress.net. In order not to violate the brand value of SteemPress, we changed our name and service policy as a result of our associate with Fredrikaa and we came across you as Timeets. So in a nutshell, when we first installed SteemPress, we arrived and we can easily say that we are the first hosting provider in Steemit. However, we provide the best service, because we do not qualify our service as wordpress hosting, as you will understand from the above statements, we offer a service in the capacity of efficiency. The goal of Timeets is to always be an interactive platform rather than a service provider.

Timeets is an official company as of August 17, 2018 and Hostral Internet Services Ltd. and 11524271 from Swindon, United Kingdom. Founded with the partnership of Sedat Yildiz and Alperen Kircanogullari; We had planned to make this announcement before, but after completing a few legal procedures we thought it would be more appropriate to inform.

In a nutshell, Timeets serves you with the best price, the best infrastructure, and the most legal way to make you profitable with the steempress platform. Thank you for choosing us…

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