Price Changed. 5 Steem/SBD for Lifetime Membership

There is 4 different community in SteemPress. We are one of them. And among those, we are the only hosting service provider. We want to let you know what Timeets really do.

From the URL, you can learn how many website use your IP adress. And from URL, you can check how many domains hosted under this IP adress.

As you can see at the picture below, there is only 39 website under this IP and those all our companies websites.

Having too many sites in the same IP address leaves a bad impression on Google and has negative consequences for SEO. Besides, you can not provide adequate protection in a shared hosting service that you do not own and you are inevitably hacked. The only community that has its own servers within all these communities is Timeets. We have our own name servers and special IP adresses.

Those are some of the blog sites we have visually hosted. As you can see, individual accounts have been opened via WHM and each is independent of each other. Even if an account is hacked with CloudLinux isolation and CageFS technology that we use, the transition is absolutely impossible because the other account is in a separate Cloud structure. Because the server we use is physical, it is not a simple shared hosting, so the access from the outside is closed. Therefore, hacking is not possible.

In addition, since these IP addresses are private to you and are hosted on unshared servers, service providers will not be able to mark you as Spam. For others, it is not possible to say the same …

And the most important issue. In the event of any technical breakdown in our servers, we are able to intervene on our own. However, other communities that use shared servers are obliged to communicate it to their provider and to wait for a solution.

We considered all this and thought. Mathematically, reality proves to be a proven fact that we provide higher service quality than other communities. The most important part of the job is that while they are hiring shared servers with this service costs 5-10$ per month, we are servicing our own servers with expenses of 1500-2000$ per month. So we set our salary to 5 Sbd / Steem to equalize the competitive environment. And it’s lifetime!

So what are you waiting for? Just come our website, fill the form and enjoy the best quality.

Click to send 5 SBD with SteemConnect
Click to send 5 STEEM with SteemConnect

Send 5 STEEM/SBD with memo “Timeets+” for account creation. 

Important : While we were thinking about setting our price, we learned that some services charge extra for support and that these fees can go up to 5-10 SBD / STEEM. The fee you pay for Timeets is valid for a lifetime and we will confirm that we will not charge you for an extra service ever again.

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