Timeets English Content Contest #1 | Artifical Intelligence

Hello to everyone!

We have not made a new update for a long time. Working on the back-end can sometimes be very tiring. We think that every job is motivated by having good returns. We are very lucky to have this wonderful community. We have a lot of members who are reaching us through Discord and from other channels and helping with their contents. We are still working on this subject (see Timeets Newspaper).

Much more than working, there is a lot to write about. You will write the time it takes to conduct an adequate research on the topic, the refreshments you need to revitalize, a few cups of coffee, some snacks. But the most important thing is the idea. The reason you can not write a lot is not finding the basic idea. “What do I write about today?” think about how many times you ask yourself during the day, and how many hours you spend looking for answers to this question in the same way.

Ideas are a seeds. It is enough to observe germination after the mind is planted. -Yeah, it was an Inception quote. Maybe it was the most beautiful message from the movie.

As Timeets, we think that we can give you seeds that can be used to work at certain intervals …

From now on we will make content contests at regular intervals. As a result of the competitions, I would like to distribute sweet gifts to you as well as to bring out good contents, and also to give you a bit of “what do I write about? we will try to recover from the question.

Timeets English Content Contest #1 | Artifical Intelligence

Main Theme : Artifical Intelligence

Prize Pool : 3rd and 2nd will have 1 STEEM each, 1st will have 3 STEEM


  • Content that participates in the competition with copy / duplication content is prohibited. All of your content has to be original. If you quote from another place, you have to specify it. If the duplicate content is detected, the content will be dismissed.
  • Content has to conform to the main theme. Your content can be a story or a blog. However, informative or academic writings are not accepted according to the competition rules. Content that is irrelevant to the tutorial or the topic will be ignored.
  • The contents have to be Turkish. At the same time you can also participate in the different competitions in Timeets. In such a case, however, the marking rules will definitely be taken into consideration. Unknown translations from various translation processors will not be accepted.
  • NSFW content is not accepted.
  • The content must be published after this post and shared with # timeetsContest1 tag.
  • Depending on the participation rate of the Timeets team, the contest may be canceled or the end date may be set.

The last entry to the competition is at 00.00 hours on 03/09/2018. All participants have read and accepted the above rules. Winners will be determined by the moderation team Timeets Turkey. Winners’ prizes will be sent within 24 hours after the winners are announced.

It was not really difficult to decide on this subject. We are a big Asimov fan as a team, and after seeing the acrobatic robots that Disney has produced for use in the modeling of film shoots we have seen in our days, It was not difficult to decide on the issue when it came to the idea of contest while talking about this topic.

We invite all participants to the posts under the # timeetsContest1 tag to support different content and increase participation in the competition. We would like to say that comments made by users will be effective in determining the winner.

See you!

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