Timeets Referral! 1 STEEM/SBD per User

Hey everyone!

In order to expand our community, we always aim to reach more people. So we decided to activate the referral system!

Refer TIMEETS and earn STEEM/SBD per signup!

  • Timeets has the best servers in WordPress hosting service providers in Steem.
  • Full featured WordPress site with complete customability.
  • Strong userbase and 7/24 technical support at Discord.
  • Pay 5 STEEM/SBD only for one time and enjoy your journey forever!

How to refer?

Just invite your friend to Timeets and tell him/her to write your Steemit Account ID while ordering. It’s too simple!

Memo example;

Timeets referred: @Nerueger


  • 5 STEEM / SBD for lifetime membership.
  • 1 STEEM/SBD referral reward per user will send in 24 hours.
  • Referrer does not need to be a Timeets user.

Sign up to Timeets now and bring your friends too! 

* You can inform and contact us about the referral program from Discord 7/24.

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